moving update and kid party favors

{photo credit --- my little otter on etsy}

We’re in! And we have a yellow door. I’ll share that with you soon. After a week off from work and everything else really, we are officially moved into our new home but not completely settled. We have way too much unpacking to do and a lot of decorating needed. We’ll take it slow since we also have a little someone’s birthday bash to focus on.

Speaking of the little man! I found a super cute idea for a budget-friendly party favor for  a kid’s birthday. The teapot crayons above would be great for a little girl (or boy) tea party and the legos below could be great for a lego-themed party. The Etsy shop, My Little Otter, offers many other crayon options to fit any party theme.

{photo credit --- my little otter on etsy}

The shop owner even wraps individual crayons in cellophane bags and ties them with ribbon for you! Nice and easy!


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