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7 responses to “contact me

  1. Yes Jes, the yellow and grey are beautiful!!! Very elegant looking. I love the color scheme in your kitchen! It’s amazing! Mom, Jodi Flannigan

  2. Rebecca Alexy

    Hi Jessica,
    I absolutley love your nursery! Probably my fav I have seen. What color did you use on your wall? That is the color me and my husband are going to go with, it is so clean. BTW I am due august 15 🙂

    • Hi Rebecca! I e-mailed you as well, but the color is Martha Stewart Flagstone from Home Depot—very warm, inviting and perfect! Congrats on your pregnancy! It’s such a wonderful time!

  3. Michelle

    Hello i was wondering where you got the colorful citrus display cards from the fun colorful sweet beginnings baby shower?? Please let me know, im doing a citrus theme for my daughters birthday!

    Thanks ,
    Michelle H!

  4. Elisabeth Fasion

    Hi Jessica were did you get the bedding set from I want one just like it!!!! Just found today that I’m having a boy!!!


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