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Hello! I am Jessica Flannigan, the editor of this little blog and a true Type A personality!

I am a wife, new mom, freelance writer, home design addict, travel lover, foodie and a party planning machine! I have an obsession with dessert tables!

I truly believe that it is possible to live a fancy life no matter what city you live in, how much money you make or who your friends are.

I recently planned my dream wedding on a budget and found great ways to add the details that make weddings personal and unique.

My goal is to post stories, photos and ideas that excite and inspire you. I love details and love do it yourself projects that add the “wow” to any gathering.

I am married and a new mama and live with my husband and son Bodhi (born April 2011) in Minneapolis! I LOVE Minneapolis!

A few things I fancy:
my charming husband
my drooley, smiley, adorable, funny baby
cocktail parties
coffee (LOVE my KEURIG!)
happy hour
photography blogs
shoe shopping
traveling with my honey
girl time
strong confident successful women who share their talents with the world!


4 responses to “about

  1. Leah M

    Hey Jessica!

    Great blog. And congratulations on putting yourself out there and doing it!


    Leah Mennis Montgomery

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  3. Jennifer (Sullivan) Wagner

    Jessica — this is so great!! Good for you! I’d love to catch up with you sometime. We should meet up for a cup of joe some morning (or a cocktail in the eve!). Be well!! ~Jen

  4. Marni

    Hi Jessica,
    I love this!

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