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a tea party bridal shower

One of my best friends since childhood will marry her sweetheart on Saturday. I will be a bridesmaid again! Being a bridesmaid is my favorite thing ever. I know a lot of people complain about it, but there is something wonderful about spending the entire day with the bride-to-be having fun, getting beautiful and just enjoying each other before she marries the love of her life. Here are a few photos from the bridal shower we hosted a few months back. Continue reading


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{happy home} — bidding farewell to our first home together

Bodhi's paper lantern mobile is definitely coming with us! 🙂

I’ve hesitated to share much about our plans for the new house, in part because it felt like we’d never actually move. But, we’re two weeks out from closing and it appears things are happening! Not that I doubted it, but it just seems surreal.

{photo credit---Photogen-Inc}

And I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about our current house. It’s a 1950s rambler with some great character, plenty of space and most importantly, it’s the house where we lived when we were engaged, got married and brought home our first baby. Continue reading


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{wedding obsessed} — an elegant wedding party party!

Yes, this post is about a party for a wedding party. I recently mentioned a colleague and her fiance who threw a surprise party to ask friends to be in their wedding. I love this idea. It is a great way to get everyone together and show them how important they are. I think it would be so much fun to be invited to that party. I have a little treat for you today. Enjoy Ali and Matt’s wedding party party filled with some very elegant details. All photos are courtesy of Catherine Golden Photography. Catherine is also the mother of the bride. Enjoy!

{photo credit---Catherine Golden Photography}

This adorable mustache card was purchased on Etsy by the groom. He actually picked it out. I love that! Continue reading

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lots of excitement

{photo credit---Melissa Oholendt Photography}

This week has been hectic and sweet and wonderful! A baby shower for a dear friend, family photos, a day off with my little man, celebrating Bodhi’s 5 month birthday, dinner with friends including one from out of state last night and now we are preparing for an anniversary weekend away. Without Bodhi. It’s a little scary, nervewracking and yet pretty exciting. I get my hubby all to myself for more than 48 hours! And neither of us have slept more than 4 hours in a row since before he was born! Sleep=happy anniversary to us!

{photo credit---Photogen Inc}

We vowed last year that we would take an anniversary trip every year together. Last year we spent a long weekend in Carmel, California. This year as we celebrate two years of wedded bliss, we will be enjoying lovely dinners, wine, hot weather and a pool in Las Vegas. And of course some much needed R&R! Due to so much activity and traveling out of state, I’ll be MIA for a few days, but can’t wait to share the entire baby shower post with you soon.

Live the fancy life!


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{wedding obsessed} — a small town wedding

Two years after my own wedding, I am still completely obsessed with weddings! I love the planning, the dresses, the food, the cake, the tears, the speeches, the love and of course, every do-it-yourself detail!

Today I’m bringing you a wedding that is near and dear to my heart—my cousin Erin’s small-town wedding to her honey Eric! Towards the end you will find a diy quick tutorial on creating a monogram that can be suspended from the ceiling for a fun pop above the head table or for a backdrop to a dessert table at any gathering, not just weddings.

Let’s start with a little something blue…

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

This photo of the guys in a forest is one of the most majestic manly shots I’ve seen.  Love it!

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

The ladies in a field=beautiful!

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

This is heavenly.

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

And now for a few bright and blingin’ details!

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

The chalkboard shot is so perfect—every church in my hometown has a big chalkboard—old school and yet classic! The cupcakes were delish! And below, you can’t have a small-town wedding without a nice cheap beer!

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

Great photo of the head table with my Uncle Chuck offering a hilarious toast!

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

And the happy couple… I had to share a few shots. I love all of them!

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

Lastly… the monogram I promised.

{photo credit---Gina Zeidler Photography}

To make the suspended monogram, purchase cardboard letters of your choice from JoAnn Fabrics. Then simply spray paint them your favorite color (you can find metallic and glitter spray paints). Erin chose to spray paint them black and then brushed on glitter paint to add the bling factor. She loved the silver glitter and thought it added the most pop. She also glued on sequins and inexpensive crystals for texture. Simple. Cheap. Wow!

Share your do-it-yourself details from a recent party, room decorating project or wedding. Email livethefancylife@gmail.com. Live the fancy life!


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