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a letter to my baby on the anniversary of your due date

Dear Bodhi,

What a year we have had my beautiful boy! You turn one in just a few days. At this time last year, I was still only imagining what you might be like and eagerly awaiting your arrival. Today is the anniversary of our due date. We expected you today and you made us wait. It was worth it. You have changed our lives in ways we never imagined. Continue reading



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{a little love} — every night is date night

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I’ve always loved making nights at home feel special! My husband and I often have a glass of wine by the fire in the winter and enjoy great conversation with each other. Little things really make a night in feel like more than just a night at home.

Now, with a baby in the house, we have very little time alone. Until recently, the baby literally took up all of our time until 10 p.m. when he crashed for the night (for him that was 3 hours). For future or new mamas—don’t worry. Bodhi is a particularly bad sleeper. 🙂 He recently started going to bed earlier—7:30 or 8, which gives us at least two good hours together. So now, we are finding time once again to enjoy a nice glass of wine or a great movie.

{wine and candles=cozy night in with the honey}

Here are my five tips for making every night feel like date night without leaving the house. For those of you who are able to get out for date nights regularly, just enjoy it, but on the rare occasion that you are in, these tips may help make your nights even better.

  1. Light a candle—I prefer Aveda candles. They smell fresh, clean and wonderful plus they don’t put pollutants in your air. My favorite is the shampure soy candle. It’s a little expensive at $32, but it lasts forever and one goes a long way.
  2. A glass of wine or champagne—I love a good glass of wine or champagne, but honestly, I don’t even know what a good glass is. I enjoy a lot of the cheap stuff—Trader Joe’s has several sparkling wines for under $9 that I love! If you spend less you don’t have to feel guilty when the bubbles are gone and you have to throw the rest away.
  3. Music—we love having music playing on Saturday and Sunday mornings in our house—with or without baby, it makes it feel festive, fun and gives us both energy. Music can also make a night at home a little more enjoyable.
  4. Plan something—whether it’s making dinner together, renting a movie, playing a game or just sitting by the fire, do something specific. Don’t just turn on the TV and channel surf. Even watching your favorite show or shows is so much better. We love TV night—our shows—Modern Family, 30 Rock, How I met your mother… and a few more this year may make the cut.
  5. Set a time to start together time—It’s way too easy (especially for new parents) to get caught up in the to do’s around the house—preparing stuff for the baby for the next day, getting your clothes ready for work, laundry, dishes and everything else, that it really helps to set a time to just be. You can meet in your favorite room in the house at that time and feel good about simply enjoying each other!
Last but not least, don’t forget to laugh! Sometimes I find myself taking life too seriously and then my husband does something hilarious…laughing is contagious and definitely brings on the happiness!

{photo credit---Photogen Inc}

These are fairly simple and maybe a bit obvious, but sometimes it takes a reminder to actually make each day count. How do you make a night at home that much better? Share your tips. Live the fancy life!

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love and peanut butter cream pie

When browsing my favorite blogs yesterday, I came across a story so heartbreaking that I literally drove directly to the store, bought ingredients and started to create peanut butter cream pie.

Lisa from With Style & Grace, one of my daily reads, posted about gluten-free peanut butter cream pie. Read her post if you have time. I can’t do the story justice, but in short, Jennifer from In Jennie’s Kitchen lost her husband on Sunday. He was young. He had two daughters and a beautiful wife. He left this world much too soon.

In her post “For Mikey,” Jennifer said:

For those asking what they can do to help my healing process, make a peanut butter pie this Friday and share it with someone you love. Then hug them like there’s no tomorrow because today is the only guarantee we can count on.

So I did. I made a peanut butter cream pie for the first time ever using Jennifer’s recipe and thinking about how much I love my husband and new son while doing it.

Last night I shared a piece (or two) of the delicious pie with my sweet hubby while our baby napped peacefully. Check out the recipe on Jennie’s post and share it with someone you love!

All photos above were taken by me in our kitchen, but for some truly fantastic food photos, check out With Style and Grace.

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