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a simple cat door

If that headline doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what does!

While this post might not be the most inspiring or beautiful, it is very practical. With a little guy running all over the place, we had to install a cat door going to our new basement so we had no risks of Bodhi falling when someone forgot to shut the door. I had many nightmares about this during the first week or two in this house before my AMAZING uncle came and installed our cat door. Continue reading


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oh happy day-the blog

{photo credit---Oh Happy Day}

Oh Happy Day is a DIYer’s dream! Have you heard of this bloggy goodness yet? I found so much amazing inspiration for Bodhi’s birthday here.

Everything is very approachable, inexpensive and fun! At least a few of these projects will make the final cut for Bodhi’s 1st birthday next weekend. The photo above is simple crepe paper fringed streamers and there is so much more where that came from.

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DIY: Painted mirror for above our fireplace

We decided on a subtle soft grey and white for our walls and we have dark chocolate hardwood floors. To add the cheerfulness we wanted in our family room, we settled on an accent color palette of teal, blue and yellow.

I have been looking for a mirror to go above our fireplace for a while. After finding our rug, I came across the perfect mirror at Home Goods for $29.99 but it was black. I wanted it to match our teal West Elm lacquer tray I got as a chipped floor model, so hit up Lowes. A tiny portion of a $4 can of Valspar spray paint later and we had the perfect mirror for all of $30.24.

[caption id=”attachment_2265″ align=”aligncenter” width=”819″ caption=”{photo credit—Jessica Flannigan for ltfl} Continue reading


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monday {momday} — random baby fun — parties, nurseries and pretty mamas

{Photo credit --- EmilyLey.com}

Hello! It’s been much too long since my last post. I am deep into planning for a number of fun events…our move to the new house next month, my 30th birthday, my husband’s birthday and Bodhi’s first birthday! Guess which one is getting most of my attention?

Yes, the little man wins again! It’s so much fun to plan and filled with cute, colorful details. And thanks to all of my bloggy friends and pinterest, I am soooo inspired! Continue reading

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{happy hosting} — a bright and modern baby shower — part II

Leah’s baby shower continues now with our beverage bar. We kept it simple with raspberry lemonade, sparkling water and champagne. The “mamatini” included raspberry lemonade mixed with champagne while the “babytini” was the nonalcoholic version—raspberry lemonade with sparkling water. Yum!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

We punched out dots at Archivers to create a bright backdrop. Because Angie’s walls were exposed wood, we wanted something that would stand out without being overpowering.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

The food table was simple as it wasn’t a feature of the shower. We made a simple “hello baby” banner and used two balloons.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

The placecards were made on the computer with Avery mini tents and small pieces of scrapbook paper glued on for color.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

I think I’ve mentioned before that I own a LOT of champagne flutes. I bought them all at Ikea. They were very inexpensive. They make any drink seem a little more fancy and with all of the times I’ve used them, they’ve paid for themselves!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

Raspberries add a touch of color to champagne!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

A simple banner—if I were to redo this, I would’ve added another circle around the pink to make these larger and to give them more pizzazz, but it did the trick.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

Leah is one of those people who is always smiling! She is one of the nicest women I know and I am confident her little girl will feel SO loved! My favorite part of the shower was when Leah decided that she would introduce every single shower guest and would tell a little story about how they knew each other. This is the kind of thing Leah does. She makes people feel loved and included. It would’ve been awkward to do some kind of icebreaker, but this, this was pure genius!

{photo credit—live the fancy life}

Live the fancy life!

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{design dreams} — yellow front door

I want a yellow front door! For a long time now I thought about simply painting our red door yellow. Inexpensive, pretty easy and it could add a lot to the front of our house. Now I’m thinking I want a new door with pretty hardware like the doors below.

I love the house number and the potted plants on this one!

{photo credit---Design Sponge}

This one is so perfect—bright, clean and modern!

{photo credit---marthastewart.com}

And last but not least, I’m super inspired by this one that was featured in Real Simple.

{photo credit---RealSimple.com}

And how about the decor on these not-yellow doors? LOVE THEM!

{photo credit---blogs.babble.com}

While I don’t want an orange door, this one by Pottery Barn is pretty fun for Halloween!

{photo credit---Pottery Barn}

This might be a great weekend project for someone out there. What a simple way to make your house pop! Live the fancy life!


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{happy hosting} — a bright and modern baby shower — part I

Oh how I love to throw a good party! When my good friend Angie asked me to help with some of the details for her sister’s baby shower, I was all in! I’ve been friends with both Angie and Leah, the mama-to-be, since 4th grade! We played hockey together in elementary school, high school and Angie and I even played together in college. Those girls have always been a huge part of my life. And Leah’s husband, the daddy-to-be, is also a close friend since we were both wee ones living in our small hometown—Benson, Minnesota. I digress…

Angie knew she wanted bright colors for the baby shower in her sister and niece’s honor and decided on bright orange and fuschia starting with the invitations! Bold modern baby bottles were printed on the invitations and the thank you cards that Angie purchased as a gift for Leah. LOVE a good thank you card!

{photo credit---live the fancy life; invites---tinyprints.com}

We decided to skip a theme and just used colorful scrapbook paper, baby-sized items, a lovely beverage bar and a simple yet stunning dessert table to make an impact. Enjoy part I of Leah’s bright and modern baby shower.

{photo credit---live the fancy life

Instead of a platter, we used square polka dot scrapbook paper from Archiver’s under the cupcakes. We loved the final look and it was all of 60 cents to create a nice pop of color on Angie’s white countertops. This was a last minute decision when we realized the cupcake platter we had wouldn’t show off the cupcakes the way we wanted and our square white plates would just blend in.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

We bought the cupcakes at Lunds rather than making them as we wanted to focus on decor. The cupcakes were SO good! And the fondant cupcake toppers I found on etsy added just a touch of sweet baby detail. The toppers were custom-made in our colors by Parkers Flour Patch. The seller got them to me in less than a week. They were all perfect when they arrived and lasted another week until the shower. VERY happy with this lovely little etsy shop.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

We thought a balloon backdrop was simple and a little whimsical. What do you think?

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

You can’t have a shower without a beautiful mama-to-be and her sweet little one on the way. Here is a shot of Leah with the grandma-to-be Mary and aunt-to-be Angie.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

A typical baby shower game dressed up with scrapbook paper! I swear we used scrapbook paper everywhere and we loved it! Such an inexpensive way to decorate.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

See! We even used it as champagne labels!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

Finally, a few of the cute party guests!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

More fun details to come later this week! Live the fancy life!


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