quick and easy poker party

{photo credit --- Jessica Flannigan, ltfl}

One week after moving into our new home, with many boxes still in need of our attention, I hosted a poker party for my husband’s birthday. Yes, this is pure craziness! I know! I thought it would be fine only because it was guys and they wouldn’t notice the little messes everywhere, but it was still an intense few hours preparing for a party in a house that is not settled with an almost 1-year-old by my side. And, I can’t throw a party without a few fun details, but definitely didn’t have the time to throw my heart into this one. Trader Joe’s provided all of the food.

The cupcakes were TJ’s Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting. Amazing and pretty gourmet if you ask me! I added cute mini cards as cupcake toppers. Simple and relevant.

{photo credit --- Jessica Flannigan, ltfl}

I grabbed some Trader Joe’s fancy cheeses and fig butter for a delicious appetizer. Yes, I left the fig butter in the jar. I ran out of time and figured the guys would want to know what it is.

{photo credit --- live the fancy life}

I added mini cards as party favors in a fun old box we had around that looked pretty manly to me. Many of the guys have little ones, so most of the decks of cards were gone. Needless to say, the guys didn’t notice the details or the lack of more details. They had a great time with some good cocktails, simple but tasty food, music and poker! Lesson learned: It’s ok to wing it sometimes.


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  1. Jen Sullivan

    That looks like it was fun!! Good job Jessica!!

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