{wedding obsessed} — an elegant wedding party party!

Yes, this post is about a party for a wedding party. I recently mentioned a colleague and her fiance who threw a surprise party to ask friends to be in their wedding. I love this idea. It is a great way to get everyone together and show them how important they are. I think it would be so much fun to be invited to that party. I have a little treat for you today. Enjoy Ali and Matt’s wedding party party filled with some very elegant details. All photos are courtesy of Catherine Golden Photography. Catherine is also the mother of the bride. Enjoy!

{photo credit---Catherine Golden Photography}

This adorable mustache card was purchased on Etsy by the groom. He actually picked it out. I love that!

{photo credit---Catherine Golden Photography

The bride-to-be made these cards for her bridesmaids after finding inspiration on Pinterest and Etsy.

{photo credit---Catherine Golden Photography}

The wedding party walked in and they were all greeted by this beautiful table topped with a special card for each of them and of course… Champagne! Ali is considering giving these little bottles of loveliness out as party favors. How amazing is that?

{photo credit---Catherine Golden Photography}

I couldn’t resist posting this image of a very pretty little bottle.

{photo credit---Catherine Golden Photography}

And the bride-to-be Ali (center) with two of her lovely bridesmaids. Cheers to Ali and Matt! Live the fancy life!


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