{big blog world} — holiday printables and more

Welcome to another edition of {big blog world}! I am always excited to share things I’ve found from around the blogosphere. Enjoy!

{photo credit---Salt and Paper}

All kinds of free printables including holiday ones from Salt and Paper. Salt and Paper also offers printables for nurseries and more for prices as low as $4 including some customized pieces. See left.

This Tootsie Roll shot by Housewife Bliss for Celebrations.com for Halloween takes me back to pregnancy—no, not for the alcohol! For the Tootsie Rolls. My colleagues still talk about how many tootsie rolls I would eat each day all the while claiming I didn’t believe in pregnancy cravings.

Free Countdown to Clean printable checklists by Thirty Handmade Days. A fellow mama friend pointed me to this. As a new mom, I can really appreciate this as I try to get my life, my home and my job organized.

Live the fancy life!


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