{happy hosting} — a bright and modern baby shower — part II

Leah’s baby shower continues now with our beverage bar. We kept it simple with raspberry lemonade, sparkling water and champagne. The “mamatini” included raspberry lemonade mixed with champagne while the “babytini” was the nonalcoholic version—raspberry lemonade with sparkling water. Yum!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

We punched out dots at Archivers to create a bright backdrop. Because Angie’s walls were exposed wood, we wanted something that would stand out without being overpowering.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

The food table was simple as it wasn’t a feature of the shower. We made a simple “hello baby” banner and used two balloons.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

The placecards were made on the computer with Avery mini tents and small pieces of scrapbook paper glued on for color.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

I think I’ve mentioned before that I own a LOT of champagne flutes. I bought them all at Ikea. They were very inexpensive. They make any drink seem a little more fancy and with all of the times I’ve used them, they’ve paid for themselves!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

Raspberries add a touch of color to champagne!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

A simple banner—if I were to redo this, I would’ve added another circle around the pink to make these larger and to give them more pizzazz, but it did the trick.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

Leah is one of those people who is always smiling! She is one of the nicest women I know and I am confident her little girl will feel SO loved! My favorite part of the shower was when Leah decided that she would introduce every single shower guest and would tell a little story about how they knew each other. This is the kind of thing Leah does. She makes people feel loved and included. It would’ve been awkward to do some kind of icebreaker, but this, this was pure genius!

{photo credit—live the fancy life}

Live the fancy life!


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