{happy hosting} — a bright and modern baby shower — part I

Oh how I love to throw a good party! When my good friend Angie asked me to help with some of the details for her sister’s baby shower, I was all in! I’ve been friends with both Angie and Leah, the mama-to-be, since 4th grade! We played hockey together in elementary school, high school and Angie and I even played together in college. Those girls have always been a huge part of my life. And Leah’s husband, the daddy-to-be, is also a close friend since we were both wee ones living in our small hometown—Benson, Minnesota. I digress…

Angie knew she wanted bright colors for the baby shower in her sister and niece’s honor and decided on bright orange and fuschia starting with the invitations! Bold modern baby bottles were printed on the invitations and the thank you cards that Angie purchased as a gift for Leah. LOVE a good thank you card!

{photo credit---live the fancy life; invites---tinyprints.com}

We decided to skip a theme and just used colorful scrapbook paper, baby-sized items, a lovely beverage bar and a simple yet stunning dessert table to make an impact. Enjoy part I of Leah’s bright and modern baby shower.

{photo credit---live the fancy life

Instead of a platter, we used square polka dot scrapbook paper from Archiver’s under the cupcakes. We loved the final look and it was all of 60 cents to create a nice pop of color on Angie’s white countertops. This was a last minute decision when we realized the cupcake platter we had wouldn’t show off the cupcakes the way we wanted and our square white plates would just blend in.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

We bought the cupcakes at Lunds rather than making them as we wanted to focus on decor. The cupcakes were SO good! And the fondant cupcake toppers I found on etsy added just a touch of sweet baby detail. The toppers were custom-made in our colors by Parkers Flour Patch. The seller got them to me in less than a week. They were all perfect when they arrived and lasted another week until the shower. VERY happy with this lovely little etsy shop.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

We thought a balloon backdrop was simple and a little whimsical. What do you think?

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

You can’t have a shower without a beautiful mama-to-be and her sweet little one on the way. Here is a shot of Leah with the grandma-to-be Mary and aunt-to-be Angie.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

A typical baby shower game dressed up with scrapbook paper! I swear we used scrapbook paper everywhere and we loved it! Such an inexpensive way to decorate.

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

See! We even used it as champagne labels!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

Finally, a few of the cute party guests!

{photo credit---live the fancy life}

More fun details to come later this week! Live the fancy life!



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8 responses to “{happy hosting} — a bright and modern baby shower — part I

  1. Katie B

    Thanks for posting Jes! Now it feels like I was there!! Love you, Mama To Be!

  2. Jana

    Great party – you two did a fabulous job!

  3. Leah

    This is so great! It’s like reliving it again! Thanks for posting Jes! Can’t wait to see Part II! YAY!

  4. I love the bright colors!

  5. Sorry I missed it, Looks like it was alot of fun and so beautifully decorated! You are such a beautiful mama-to-be! Love you guys and miss you too…Can’t wait to see part II….:-)

  6. I love this shower!! I think is theme is a great start but you are right, no need to carry it through EVERY single aspect. Your use of papers made it look just perfect! And those cupcake toppers!!!! So cute!

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