the art of brunch


Brunch is my favorite meal and is one of the most perfect ways to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. My hubby and I love to go just the two of us (and now three), but also really enjoy meeting friends. We have a few friends in particular who also appreciate the art of brunch! Brunch is much easier than dinner with our little guy which makes it a perfect choice for us.


A few of my favorite brunch places in this beautiful city:

Spoonriver—Next to the Guthrie Theater just one block from the Mississippi and the Stone Arch Bridge, Spoonriver offers local and organic brunch including passion fruit bellinis! Yum!

Loring Kitchen—On Loring Park, this yummy brunch spot has a gorgeous patio and an open air eating space!

Hell’s Kitchen—Hell-themed with food that is more like Heaven (cheesy, I know!). The homemade peanut butter always comes home with us.

Hazel’s NE—We recently walked to Hazels with Bodhi on a Saturday morning for a nice little brunch. The place is hoppin’ with people, but is perfect with a child.

Now I’m hungry. What is your favorite meal of the day? Any good brunch recommendations? Live the fancy life!


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