our nursery featured

Happy Monday! Our nursery is featured on the Baby Lifestyles blog today. Although you saw it here first, head on over to get a few nursery design tips and browse all of the fabulous featured nurseries for inspiration!



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4 responses to “our nursery featured

  1. Hey Jessica… Cannot belive it is finally time for me to put together the final touches on my nursery. I am about to tackle the Moblile Project. Any tips you can provide me on the install??? I have the lanterns, C hook screws and string. Did you individually hang each one or tie them all together? Thanks for any help here.

    • Hi Kelley! Yay! Good luck with it! I hung them individually until we achieved the perfect cluster/look. Use at least three hooks so you have space to let it grow out if you want it larger like ours. Please share your final product! Exciting!

  2. Kristi

    I love the nursery.. and might need you to come to California to hang the “mobile” up in our nursery!!!. 😉 Can you share with me your paint color?

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