fancy summer projects—built-in bookshelves

Finally I have a chance to blog as my little one rests peacefully in his Baby Bjorn! Having two free hands is rare these days, so typing anything has been a challenge.

Between lots of good times with our one-month-old baby, I have plans to get a few simple projects done this summer on my maternity leave. Our living room built-in bookshelves are boring! Beyond boring really! The trim and interiors are painted the same color as our walls. It is time to spruce them up a bit and I have found tons of great inspiration. I’m thinking white trim to match our baseboards and some kind of bold background. I know this will also inspire me to get rid of items and books that we don’t love and never look at or enjoy.

The first comes from my favorite DIY blog—Young House Love! Such good inspiration over there!


I love the yellow background on this freestanding bookshelf. So bright and inviting.


While I’m a little intimidated by the coral color for our house that we want to sell in the next year or so, I love the fresh look!


And how about a fun wallpaper backing? This one is subtle which might be safe for a possible home sale in the future.


And of course, solid white could be beautiful. I would add color with objects, framed art and books. I love the simplicity of white and it would add bright pops to our living room which only gets good natural light in the evenings when the sun is in the west.


What house projects do you have on your list for summer? It’s such a great time to get things done! Now I just need to call granny day care to come enjoy Bodhi so I can hit the home improvement stores for some supplies! 🙂



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4 responses to “fancy summer projects—built-in bookshelves

  1. I too am toying around with the idea of either painting or wallpapering my built-in china cabinets with some sort of bold color or fun pattern. Great inspiration here:)

  2. I’m loving that coral project. Think I might have to do it.

  3. Jodi mama/ gma

    Wow!!! Love it! Can’t wait to do this myself…..gave me some oter ideas! Thanks for sharing and look forward to more ………

  4. Kari

    I’ve always wanted shelves that surround a window or a doorway- looks awesome! I love the idea of putting a bold color inside the shelf. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

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