oh baby!

Is it just me or is it a little hard to look at old photos and remember the details? I look at old photos and can generally guess the year it was taken, but might not remember where, why or what the occasion.

Photo credit: Baby Cakes N Beyond on Etsy

Well, for our baby boy, I didn’t want to look back at photos of him and try to guess how old he was. And with how little sleep I am anticipating, I’m guessing that recalling details will be even more challenging.

Some of my favorite mommy and daddy bloggers take monthly photos of their children in the most adorable onesies that show how many months old the child is. See baby Clara’s pics from Young House Love and little Eleanor from Making it Lovely. I love this concept, but didn’t want to purchase or make onesies for each month.

Photo credit: Purple Possom on Etsy

Then, I randomly discovered several Etsy sellers offering adorable stickers that you can simply add to a basic white onesie each month. And with a lawyer husband who wears a suit every single day, I thought these tie onesie stickers were fitting for our little man. At just $9, you can’t find a better deal. We ordered the “Blues original” from Purple Possom. I can’t wait to start this tradition! They go all the way to two years old.

Photo credit: Purple Possom on Etsy

I can’t wait to get creative with taking monthly photos of our little man! What fun finds can you share for capturing sweet little moments with baby? Live the fancy life!



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7 responses to “oh baby!

  1. Ann

    Those tie stickers are adorable! I wish I had found something as cute for a girl. I just ended up getting some of the circle type ones. By the way, those are also two of my favorite blogs!! 🙂

  2. Katie

    We take a picture of Carson each month with a big teddy bear to see how much he grows! We’ll continue to take one each year on his birthday after he reaches 1! It is fun to see how he big he gets compared to the bear.

  3. Jana

    I think this is such a cute idea – i considering doing something of the like, but of course i never actual did.

  4. Ok, I’ve never purchased anything from (or even shopped on) Etsy! I know, what a shame! Anyway, can you tell me some of the sellers that have these???

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