our modern nursery

I am excited to share photos of our very modern nursery with you all today. We finished last weekend and with less than four weeks to go before our due date, we just need to find the perfect rug and iron the curtains (so, sorry in advance for the wrinkles). 🙂

We knew the moment we found out we were expecting our baby boy that our nursery would be modern, clean and minimal with neutral walls and lots of splashes of color throughout.

I found a lot of inspiration on blogs with modern nurseries including Chic & Cheap Nursery and Buy Modern Baby Blog.

We were even featured on Chic & Cheap Nursery this morning. Head on over to see the feature. For “before” photos of our nursery, click here and for our inspiration board and planning process, click here. We have a lot of people to thank for their help. My uncles did all of the painting! How lucky are we? And my mom did countless little things from shining the wood floors to cleaning anything and everything she could get her hands on. And my husband did all kinds of handy man things! Enjoy!

We designed our modern nursery with a color palette of grey, lime green, light blue, aqua and white. We wanted a room that was peaceful and serene, but that was still good for a child. We wanted to fill it with inspiration, color and interest but keep it simple and clean at the same time.

The bookshelf below is one of my favorite items in the room. My coworkers built and painted it. They even filled it with books for my baby shower. It is beautiful and is currently holding 52 books! Lucky little man also has a daddy who loves to read to him.

These hooks are perfect for our diaper bag and his cute frog robe from Great Auntie Chrissy!

As many of you know, we love to travel! While we definitely did not go with a theme for the room, we incorporated a few travel-related items in hopes that our little guy will also love to travel.

This subliminal message print is one of my favorite things. It’s letterpress! I LOVE letterpress as you may remember from our kitchen remodel.

One of my main goals as I designed the room was avoiding clutter and finding places to keep all of the little baby things that you need and have. We are fortunate to have a giant closet with drawers, so we still have room to grow.

I am completely and totally in love with the paper lantern cluster below—I call it his mobile even though it’s not a mobile at all. I spent several hours putting it together, finding just the right height, balance and number of lanterns. I hope he loves it.

I had to share one night photo. The room is so calm and relaxing with just the lamplight in the evenings.

Our little Minnesotan will also undoubtedly be a Cowboys fan like his daddy.

Books, books and more books. This isn’t even all of them!

Our oh-so-fancy vendors, shops and nursery favs:

Kandy, Sri Lanka, Austin, TX, Minneapolis, MN and Benson,
MN prints-Lisa Barbero on Etsy.

ABC’s name print-Apple Blossom Prints on Etsy. (Please note that we blocked baby’s name until he is born. Her prints are much better when you can see the entire thing. )

“You’re getting very sleepy” print-Sycamore Street Press on Etsy.

Custom-designed bedding and changing pad cover by Nursery Dreams on Etsy

Crib and changing table-Modo by Babyletto-purchased on AllModernBaby.com. Free shipping and no tax is awesome!

Poang chair by Ikea with white cover

White bookshelf created by my colleagues as part of a book-themed baby shower! One of my colleagues actually built it and three of them painted it. So sweet!

Side table-Mimic Cube by Crate and Barrel

Drum light fixture from Lowe’s

Hanging white wall shelf from Target

Mini green suitcases by Land of Nod

Ugly Doll at Pacifier Stores in Minneapolis

Curtains from Target

Faux white wood blinds by Home Depot

Closet door hardware-small zinnia knob in aqua by Anthropologie

Lime green organizing bin from Target

White mirror from Target

Lamp-Home Goods (not available online)

Hanging paper lanterns-Martha Stewart lanterns from Two Peas in a Bucket and star and white lanterns from The Paper Lantern Store

Now that the room is complete, I spend at least 20 minutes a day just sitting in the chair. We think baby likes the room too, as he tends to move a lot when we are in there. We’ll let you know when he arrives. Until then, live the fancy life!



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57 responses to “our modern nursery

  1. Stunning! It really is awesome, you guys did such a great job with it! Lucky baby boy! 🙂

  2. Marni

    Awesome Job! I bet you are “patiently” waiting to use your nursery and spend time int there just looking at everything!!

  3. Rachel Realivasquez


    Everything looks so perfect. If I was having a baby boy I could only hope that his room would look this fantastic. It is funny because the grey looks almost just like the grey we just painted out bedroom. I guess great minds think alike 🙂 Can wait to meet him!

  4. Adorable room! He’s sure to love it and be so inspired as he grows.

  5. Jana Kooren

    Love it! So beautiful.

  6. Annie

    Love all the little thoughtful touches, especially the yellow toy car on the shelf. 🙂 Great job!

  7. The photos/room look wonderful Jessica! The gray/green/blue looks amazing. Congratulations and I know you and your little one will enjoy wonderful times in there.
    And I totally noticed where you covered his name! Clever 🙂

  8. hi! just read about your on chic & cheap nursery! i am now a subscriber. i am also expecting- congrats to you! your baby’s room looks so great! and can i just say…. i LOVE all the books and that bookshelf- What a great idea to have everyone bring a book. I would LOVE to have this as an idea at one of my showers- so cute!

  9. Jodi mama/ gma

    Wow!!!! It sure is amazing!!! I can hardly wait to come visit my lil grandson and read to him!!! I think I could just sit in his room all the time, lol!!! Seriously!!! It’s awesome you guys! Love you and looking forward to meeting my grandson soon!

  10. HaiVy Thompson

    Jessica – it looks great! I love all the colors and little details. It’s so homey and beautiful! Can I ask what color grey paint you used? And was it tough to redo the baseboards and doors in white? We’re contemplating a similar change in our condo. Thanks!

    • Hey HaiVy! Yes-the grey is Martha Stewart flagstone. We love it because it’s a warm grey rather than a cool bluish grey. It looks wonderful in person. As for the doors and baseboards-the doors wouldn’t be terrible, but baseboards are tough if you don’t know how to make the proper cuts. We hired someone very inexpensively to put them in. Good luck! Can’t wait to see your changes.

  11. Wow Jessica! It all came out so lovely! It was so inspiring to work with you and I’m grateful you gave me the opportunity. So happy for you and wish you a wonderfully positive labor experience. All the best!

  12. I came over from Chic & Cheap Nursery to compliment you on this gorgeous room. I’m jealous — my nursery doesn’t look quite so polished! Congrats on your pregnancy, and here’s hoping the last month is smooth for you. 🙂

  13. I found you thru Chic&Cheap nursery and wanted to compliment you on this beautiful room. I especially love the ‘mobile’ and the bookshelf, very inspiring!

    • Thanks Steffie! We are very happy with our final result. It has been such a peaceful place for me to sit in quietly in the evenings lately. Less than four weeks until we meet our little man. 🙂

  14. Mary

    LOVE the room! so soothing & modern. Can I ask where you got that adorable little zebra?? Love it! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Mary! Yes-the little zebra was a great find at Home Goods. It is actually made here in Minnesota at a company in Hopkins (can’t remember the name, but I will check when I get home) but Home Goods had one little one for $6!

  15. Shelly

    Beautiful nursery, congrats!

  16. hilary

    hi…love your room! can i ask where you got your diaper bag?! we’re looking for a similar messenger style bag. thanks!

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  18. KJ

    The whole nursery is super adorable but oh my goodness that bookshelf! I would love one for my niece. And, um, maybe one for myself. 🙂 It’s really cool to see some of the prints I’ve seen & admired on Etsy framed and displayed in an actual room.

  19. Jennifer S

    Beautiful room. I love the paint color. Very calming. Can you tell me the brand/color?

  20. Hey there,
    I LOVE your nursery. You did a fabulous job!! If you ever choose to post a tutorial or any tips and tricks on how you made the paper lantern cluster/mobile, I’d LOVE to hear it!! I’m going to attempt one for my little girl due in August.

    again, great job–thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi Tiffany! I actually just placed three small hooks in the ceiling with a drill and then twisted them in by hand. I started with a few of the large ones and hung one on each hook. I then worked around it with small ones using fishing wire until I got the look I wanted. Honestly, I hung, took down and rehung many of the lanterns several times—especially the star lantern—trial and error. You can do it! Please share your finished product and congrats to you!

      • Hi Jessica,
        Thanks for the details. I can’t wait to try this!! When my first daughter was born we brought a balloon home from the hospital and tied it to her changing table. She LOVED staring at it. I’m hoping this cluster/mobile has the same effect…but it will be so cute and modern that I’ll enjoy staring at it too! 😉 Thanks again; I really appreciate it! Hope all is going well with your new little man!


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  23. Jessica –

    I love love love your style, writing, and this nursery. I am so excited that I came across your blog. Thanks for sharing so many of your great ideas. I hope it’s not asking too much, but to put things in perspective, could you please send me the height of the ceilings and the approximate dimensions of your nursery? Thanks in advance!


    • I e-mailed you, but also wanted to post here that the room is actually very small! It’s about 12 by 12. That’s why modern simple furniture works best in there! 🙂

  24. Sonali

    Hi there! I absolutely love the nursery, what a lucky baby to have such crafty parents and grandparents/relatives. My husband and I are expecting our 1st in 3 weeks (so excited for the day) and wanted to thank you for your posts, definitely given us some good ideas for our own nursery design since our room layout is identical. I love the artwork/prints from Etsy, I’m also Sri-Lankan like your hubby and my husband is Armenian, thought is was cool how you captured your backgrounds into the artwork. Hope you and your little family are doing well and I look forward to keeping up with your blog
    All the best
    Mississauga, ON, Canada

  25. Lee Tancredi

    Hi Jessica,

    I came across your nursery on chiccheapnursery.com and i’m contemplating copying your mobile / chinese lantern idea. Just wondering if you’ve had any problems with bubs being distracted / frightened of all the shapes and colours while he’s supposed to be sleeping?
    And are they hard to keep clean? I imagine they would get a bit dusty…?


    • Hello Lee! I haven’t had any problems at all with that at all. In fact, it keeps him very happy when we change his diaper. He loves staring up at it! We keep his room closed (because we have cats) so dust hasn’t been a problem yet. You’re right, it will be a cleaning challenge soon. I think I’ll use a swiffer duster or something similar. Good luck!

  26. Alicia

    Love this!!!!!!!!! What is the name of the grey paint?

  27. Sam

    Hi Jessica – I love your nursery! I am actually thinking about using a similar color scheme in mine, although I’m just getting started. I was wondering…did you ever find the perfect rug?? I am having a really hard time finding something with grey/green/aqua.

    • Hey Sam! I haven’t found a great rug. We are in the process of building a new house, so I gave up on a rug for now until we get to our new space. Good luck!

  28. Hey Jessica, I finally finished my version of your lantern mobile! I really wanted one more similar to yours but I had a hard time finding the lanterns in the colors I needed without having to buy a full set of each color! Anyway I liked the end result! Thanks again for the inspiration! http://thetastefulllife.blogspot.com/2011/10/nadias-nursery-finally.html

  29. Amanda

    Would you be willing to share what size (and how many) lanterns you used to make the super adorable mobile? And, did you paint them yourself or purchase them in just the right colors?

    • Absolutely! I have 4 large (16 inches I believe), 6 medium (12 inches or 10 inches), 2 small (4 or 6 inches) and the large star. They aren’t a perfect match and I actually prefer it that way. I used 3 different blue tones, 3 different green tones and white. Good luck! They are so much fun!

  30. Brandi

    My nursery are the same colors I love the laterns but when I click on the two peas in a bucket where you said you got them from there is no laterns. Is that the website you got them?

    • Hi Brandi! Yes, that is where I found them but they may no longer be available. Google Martha Stewart paper lanterns blue and green. You should be able to find them. I believe Joann Fabrics carries them online. Good luck!

  31. Heather

    Love the nursery! The little frog robe is so cute! Where did you Aunt get that?

  32. Jerianne

    I love it!! Where dod you get your diaper bag?! I am in LOVE with it!!

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  35. Danielle

    I love your nursery! Can you tell me the name of the paint color you used and what store you got it from?

  36. I love that Ikea chair. Did you stain the wood or did they sell it in the black/brown wood?

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