happy new year!

As I get ready for an early New Year’s Eve dinner, I can’t help but reflect on 2010 and think about my hopes and dreams for 2011. With a new baby on the way, life is definitely going to change a lot in April. My resolutions for 2011 are simple.

1. Love more.

2. Worry less.

3. Stay connected with positive people in my life.

4. Really try to live moment to moment and enjoy each day with those I love most.

5. And of course, live the fancy life each day by doing more of the things I love and adding in the simple things that make life all that much sweeter.

Thank you for reading live the fancy life in 2010. I look forward to sharing again in 2011! Happy New Year my friends and please enjoy some bubbly for me tonight! Sparkling cider is calling my name.


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  1. Jodi mama

    Happy New Year to you both also! Jes, thanks for sharing this wonderful blog with so many of us; I personally look forward to what your going to write about next! It’s fun! Also, thanks for sharing your New Year Resolutions with us!
    I am also setting some wonderful Resolutions this year. Several would be repeating some of what you’ve already said but, also; I look forward to being the best grandma possible! I plan to take care of my health and exercise also. The most important to me is to recognize things I’m thankful for and let it be known I’m thankful.

    It’s funny in 2009 you and Jamal got married, in 2010 you shared special news we have a baby coming into the family and opened up your home for a beautiful, festive Christmas, now in 2011 we will be blessed with a wonderful baby boy! All I can say is ” HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

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