a few of my favorite things—for little ones

I am really trying hard not to go all “mommy” on you so soon, but I couldn’t fight the urge to post this adorable gift idea. Numsi, a local company started by a creative and artistic Saint Paul couple, offers contemporary art for children’s rooms. I had heard of Numsi and seen their stuff on one of my favorite blogs—Buy Modern Baby—but until today, I didn’t realize they were local. My colleague is the neighbor of this awesome entrepreneurial and artistic couple.

I am slightly…, well actually it’s more like very, obsessed with vintage luggage so these adorable 100 percent recycled paper suitcases are perfect for our nursery for our little guy. And how about the modular art below? Cute, right!?

Any recommendations for other great local artists for adults or children? Have a great weekend! Live the fancy life!



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2 responses to “a few of my favorite things—for little ones

  1. Jes, the suitcase idea is adorable!!!! I can see it now……..I really enjoyed these articles. Again, tnanks for sharing. love you

  2. Hi Jessica,
    So nice to see this write-up, thank you so much for the feature! Now I’m totally wondering which of our neighbors is your colleague…!

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