etsy: pillows, pillows and more pillows

I love using throw pillows as a way to change up my decor from season to season in my living room and bedroom. I found many fabulous pillows on Etsy. Etsy offers a great way to find exactly what you want rather than settling for a basic pillow at Target and the price can’t be beat.

Photo credit: Swoon Studio

I’ve been a little obsessed with yellow and grey as a color combo for a while now. The pillows in the photo above come from Swoon Studio.

Or how about this adorable owl pillow from Ivan Troy Designs? It would be perfect in a guest room or a child’s room.

Photo credit: Ivan Troy Designs

And the pillows from Milk and Cookies Canada make me go wild with design ideas throughout my house. So many pops of color!

Photo credit: Milk and Cookies Canada

Milk and Cookies has so many things I love. I am especially drawn to these geometric patterned pillows.

Photo credit: Milk and Cookies Canada

 All of these lovely pillows make me want to take a nap on a porch! Enjoy your summer! Live the fancy life!


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