fancy things—The Macbeth collection

I just came across The Macbeth collection online and I’m in love.

It’s a home and accessories line to “decorate your life” and it will certainly be decorating mine.

With fair prices and fancy patterns to match anyone’s life and style, The Macbeth collection is incredible.

Items in the collection would make a great gift, can help us busy ladies organize our lives or could simply add color to our day to day happenings.

The collection includes monogram letters to hang on the wall, beverage buckets, totes for organizing, fun vases, napkin holders and even flip flops!

You can make anything match or perfectly clash. Enjoy!

All photos courtesy of The Macbeth collection.

Live the fancy life!



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2 responses to “fancy things—The Macbeth collection

  1. Very cool! Never heard of it but will defintely be checking it out! Great find!

  2. cute patterns on the letters!


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