fancy kitchen on a budget—part II

Our kitchen is finally complete. Check out the “before” pictures to see the difference. We still have a small kitchen, but it’s now a very bright, modern, functional and welcoming room for my husband and I and all of our guests. And now I won’t need to force my guests out of the kitchen by shutting off all of the lights at our holiday party.

Some of the photos were taken at night and I’m not the most amazing photographer, but enjoy anyway!

We’re still on the look out for new stools for our kitchen. Know of any that would look good?

Our lovely new faucet at night—it’s the little things!

Here are the details on where to get the goods.
Backsplash-Metro Glass-a recycled glass mosaic tile from The Tile Shop.
Porcelain floor tile-Indian Slate African tile- The Tile Shop
Grout for backsplash and floor-London fog sanded-The Tile Shop
Paint for the wallsMartha Stewart Grey Squirrel in satin finish-The Home Depot
Cabinets-Ultra pure white in a semi-gloss finish-Berr-The Home Depot
Countertops-Black Galaxy 24 inch Granite tile (granite tile fit our budget while granite solid surface did not)-The Tile Shop
Cabinet hardwareThe Home Depot
Light fixturesMenards
Over the range microwaveBest Buy
Window coverings-Faux wood blinds in white-Target
Art-various pieces from Etsy and my good friend Katie
Fruit bowlTarget
Yellow candle holdersCrate and Barrel
Hand towels-Dwell Studios-Target
Faucet-American Standard-The Home Depot

And last but not least, the next photo is of two super fancy pieces of art created by one of my best friends in the world. I can’t wait to hang these above the kitchen sink tonight.

Next up, the living room! Just needs a coat of fresh paint, an accent wall and some new art. Send your before and after remodel photos to Live the fancy life!



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25 responses to “fancy kitchen on a budget—part II

  1. Kari

    I was wondering how long you’d make us wait to see Part II… not too long, I guess! =) I LOVE your kitchen!!! Great work and great choices! It looks unrecognizable! Can’t wait to hang out in your kitchen!

  2. Andrea

    Looks amazing!!

  3. Annie

    It’s so fresh and modern! Especially love the yellow accents, back splash, and floor tiles. Looking forward to seeing it in person!

  4. Jodi Flannigan


    Wow, I totally forgot what the kitchen looked like before! It’s amazing! You have wonderful taste and I love the kitchen. (sorry but, Jamal has great taste also; after all he chose you.) It’ s alot of fun to see you poste these pics. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Jodi mama

  5. Are you KIDDING ME? GORGEOUS!! I am lusting after those hands towels too. Maybe our next HH needs to be in your kitchen?? 🙂

  6. Cathy

    It looks great! I love the colors – warm & modern. And, the light fixtures!

  7. Laura

    OMG Jessica! This is GORGEOUS!! I love your new kitchen. Did you paint your cabinets white? I’m debating painting mine… but they’re solid wood so I vacillate whether or not that’s a good idea. Anyway, looks so pretty. Love your style!

  8. Beautiful! It’s amazing what a little paint and sweat can do :). Congrats.

  9. Looks fabulous[-ly fancy], Jessica! I’ve been wanting to paint our cabinets white for a while now, but have a hard time taking the plunge. Your “after” photos have definitely given me a push!

  10. Rachel J.

    Wow, I know we’ve been talking about it, but the before and after pictures have me picking my jaw up off the floor. Simply amazing and fancy! LOVE it!

  11. Jana

    It looks amazing!

  12. Marni

    Looks very very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  13. LOVE IT! It looks so much bigger, and so fresh and inviting. Perhaps you need to have a kitchen-warming party?

  14. Katie B

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The back splash is definitely my favorite part. Well, second to those two pieces of art from that awesome designer friend of yours 🙂

  15. Melissa A

    This looks SO great! You made some amazing choices in the finishes. Looks outstanding!

  16. Turned out great, love it! And from someone with a house on the market, buyers love a great kitchen:)

  17. Beautiful! And of course very fancy.

  18. Hillary Braaten

    It looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!! 🙂

  19. Jennifer Sullivan

    The before and after pictures of your kitchen are amazing!!! You did a fine job, I am impressed !!

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  24. Holly

    Love the pictures…you’ve done a fabulous job! Did you know you can adjust the faux window blinds so you don’t have the huge stack of unwanted ones at the bottom???

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