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Minnesotans take advantage of good weather! We have to thanks to our four or five months of winter each year. Now is the time. Outdoor happy hours are a great way to enjoy the sunshine and friends. So, today begins a series of restaurant features that will highlight a few of my favorite places to enjoy happy hour alfresco. I am by no means a restaurant critic. Most of my choices are based on the food, prices, service, location and how fancy I feel.

Loring Kitchen and Bar, new to the Twin Cities scene last September, is going to be one of those outdoor dining locations that will blow your mind and will keep you coming back for more!

The view is a stunning look at Loring Park (surprise, surprise) with the “largest patio in Minneapolis” and the happy hour specials are pretty fabulous. The $5 martinis and $3 tap beer will mix well with the $5.95 pizzas and the service was excellent when I stopped by.

Loring Kitchen and Bar
1359 Willow Street South

Now, call or e-mail all of your best friends for a spring or summer happy hour alfresco. If you have a favorite happy hour alfresco location, share it with me! E-mail livethefancylife@gmail.com. Live the fancy life!



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3 responses to “happy hour alfresco

  1. Thanks for the awesome new recommendation! I’m heading there soon for sure.

  2. I am so excited for summer and patio season! I’m definitely going to try this place out and I can’t wait for your other recommendations!

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