so, so in love

Today’s love photo was submitted by Laura of laura ivanova photography. Laura shoots beautiful wedding photos here in the Twin Cities and all over the world. I find inspiration in Laura’s blog and was lucky enough to have Laura at happy hour last night.

So, so in love

This image was taken as Jess and Zach exchanged vows on their wedding day at the Round Barn in Red Wing, MN. According to Laura, the way Jess is looking at Zach in this photo is the way they are with each other 24/7. “Seriously, they are probably the most outwardly affectionate couple I’ve ever worked with,” Laura said. “So, so in love.”

Submit a photo that shows love to Please include the name of the people {or animals} in the photo, a short description of their love and let me know if you want a link included to your blog or Web site and who should receive the photo credit. Live the fancy life!



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5 responses to “so, so in love

  1. Katie B

    I love Laura! She did my friends Amanda & Jared’s wedding and did an AMAZING job!!


  3. Amanda

    Ha! Hey Jessica, Katie, and Laura! I just found this link through Laura’s website and was thinking, “hey, I think I know who that is!” Jessica, I was at Clint and Katie’s wedding and we both “caught” the bouquet. Remember? 😉 Small world! Oh, and great blog!

  4. such a great picture! I felt like she looks on my wedding day too – so happy, so in love!

  5. Her expression says it all. That’s love.

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