surviving our Minnesota winter

Sick of this?

Winter in Minnesota tests all of us—especially lately with negative 32 degree wind chills. Really? Who can handle that? I know we’re strong and all, but seriously? It’s horrible. It makes me question why I live here and according to my Facebook newsfeed, I’m not alone. I sometimes let the weather take the fancy out of my life. I find myself making dinner at home, going to bed early and watching movies every night. I make excuses about why I’m not out trying new things or planning events. I’m cold. And it’s dark outside!

Not anymore. With only two horrible months left, I’m going to try to live my life now and find some cozy warm ways to spend my days in Minnesota and honestly, some not in Minnesota. I’m thinking South Beach! Some history for you—the average low in January is 4 degrees while the average high is 22. In February it increases to a low of 12 and a high of 29 and March will feel like a heat wave with an average low of 23 and high of 41. So, there is hope!

I have a few ideas of how to spend the cold Minnesota nights. 


Think spring?!

First, a beverage and some delicious hot food at a cozy restaurant is sure to warm us up. Try any of the following fancy Minneapolis and St. Paul eateries to help you forget that it’s cold outside.

Toast Wine Bar & Cafe
415 1st Street North

I personally have never been to this little eatery, but according to the review by My Inner Fashionlogue, it‘s a treat.

Pizza Nea
306 East Hennepin Avenue

Grab a glass of something delish, from local beers to wine or prosecco, and share one of their famous and fabulous neopolitan pizzas with someone special. This small pizza joint is definitely my favorite, not because their food is better than my absolute favorite (Punch), but because of the service. Top notch!

Barrio-St. Paul
235 E. 6th Street
St. Paul

Try Barrio for interesting food and drink choices any night of the week.
Cafe Latte
850 Grand Ave.
St. Paul

Cafe Latte’s chipotle bean chili is a sure way to get over the winter doldrums. So warm and satisfying. And you can enjoy a hot latte, a glass of wine or the most scrumptious dessert around! I go to Cafe Latte with three of my college girlfriends. We definitely need to make it more of a habit!

Ice skating indoors
As a former hockey player, my high school and college winters were much less difficult. Hockey made everything worth it. We lived for winter! Not so much anymore. There are many great places locally where you can ice skate, but the best place to stay warm and to feel like a fancy urban dweller is definitely The Depot.
Check out their calendar for dates and times. With ice time available on Friday nights and all day Saturday, this might be a great date activity. Head to Bar La Grassa down the street for dinner and a drink after skating for the perfect evening. And Bar La Grassa has valet parking so you can avoid the outdoors for the most part.

Do something you’ve been putting off
For me, I’ve been putting off trying to write a book. I have many book ideas, but the idea of writing a book is daunting. I am going to just force myself to sit down each night for 10 to 30 minutes and just write. It’s ok if nothing comes of it.

I’m going to spend some time organizing a room in our house that is full of wedding stuff that I haven’t tried to get rid of yet. The time is now and seriously, what better time than the middle of winter? Whether you need to clean out your closet (by the way, if you haven’t worn it in 6 months, toss it, donate it or host a clothing swap party), tidy your office or completely remodel a room, why not now? For tips on organizing, check out my favorite resource—Real Simple!

What are you doing to survive winter but still live your fanciest life? I’ll keep adding reader tips to this post, so please share on Facebook or add a comment. Live the fancy life!



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4 responses to “surviving our Minnesota winter

  1. shell346

    Hi Jessica, love your blog. Our winter weather favorite restaurant is Broders. Warm, cozy and amazing food. Shelly

  2. Oh man…I needed to read this! I have been moaning and groaning and threatening to move out of Boston’s Winter and we only have a “feels like 2 degrees” rating. I can only imagine what you guys are going thru! Loved the read:)

  3. Melissa Aune

    Cute post! Barrio has some great small plates, apps and pitchers of margaritas! We ended up organizing the whole house this weekend too and it felt great! Perfect chore when it is so dang cold out!

  4. Organizing is definitely how I’m spending these cold months! Gotta get rid of these stacks of papers that have been piling up for months!

    Great read, I’ll have to put a couple of these establishments on my list of must-try places!

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