fancy gift ideas—stay-warm gear

I am spending the first few weeks of the real winter—you know, the below zero windchill, eyes water, tootsies freezing kind of days—trying to figure out my winter survival plan. And part of the plan is to give in to cold weather gear.

I know it’s crazy, but this is the first year I’ve worn winter boots to work since high school and I’m loving it! It doesn’t hurt that boots are very fashionable right now, but they are also extremely comfortable. So, for the women in your lives, consider stay-warm gear as a holiday gift. I love the two below.

Knit fingerless gloves from are perfect for texting.

The fluffy floral beret comes in three colors to keep your ears toasty warm.

Live the fancy life!


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  1. I love that hat! I’m usually not a fan of winter hats (my hair is very uncooperative) but I might have to give them another try with cute options like that out there…

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