fancy baby shower!

I love throwing a good party. Right now I’m in the middle of planning our annual “very merry cocktail party” and enjoy every minute of it. Wedding planning was a dream with all of the fun little details!

So, when I first found out my good friend Kari was expecting a little one, I offered to throw her a shower immediately and lucky for me, she accepted my offer.

Kari-mommy-to-be and my rockin' fancy friend!

And for this shower, like so many others, I knew just who my partner in crime would be. Meadow, my friend since junior high, has always been my shower-throwing partner. And this time it was mandatory because Meadow and Kari are sisters. Meadow and I have the same party planning style and both really appreciate the value of the little details including a good bar (or in this case, a signature drink) at any party!

A few fancy details:
Dessert: Cupcake peanut butter pops created by the fabulous Cocoa and Fig and cheesecake from Trader Joe’s (the secret weapon for every party!)

Party favors: Hot cocoa personalized favors in a tray with marshmallows for added detail!

Signature drink: Bubbly bar with raspberries, bubbly including cava, prosecco and champagne and non-alcoholic sparkling sodas and juices so even the mommies-to-be could enjoy a babytini! And there were lots of hot mamas-to-be in attendance.

Games: Guess the baby food flavor (all vegetarian-no chicken wild rice mush for my party guests) and what did baby eat which includes diapers with melted candy bars. Some guests actually tasted the diaper. Crazy but fun!

I know a lot of people are really opposed to games at showers, but I love them and think they make people open up, move around and get to know each other. Plus it’s fun to win prizes!

Congratulations to Kari and Joe! I can’t wait to meet your little guy in just a couple of weeks! 

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7 responses to “fancy baby shower!

  1. Are we allowed to submit more than once?!?!?!?

    Online shopping and browsing fashion blogs after work and on the weekend with a glass of wine makes me feel FANCY!

    And now for my shameless plug…
    To get your fashion fix, check out My Inner Fashionlogue @

    Don’t be tardy for the par-tay.. yes, i just went there..i know it is PLAYED OUT but i luv it 🙂
    Saying it makes me feel FANCY!

  2. Yes! You can comment as many times as you want and I’ll donate a can every single time! Thanks!

  3. It was the fanciest baby shower and I was happy to be there!

  4. Kari

    Thanks again for the great baby shower, Jessy! Keep up the good bloggin’!

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