fancy gift idea—monogrammed mugs

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Finding a fancy gift for every person on your holiday shopping list can be daunting!

One of my favorite gift ideas this season are monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie. I received two of these as a wedding gift and use them every day! I also gave one of these as a gift last year to one of my fancy friends who really enjoyed it. They make me smile.

At just $6 a pop, you may be able to afford to throw in some tea or coffee samples as well. Consider buying the coffee from a local shop that roasts the coffee beans in house. Try White Rock Coffee in Highland Park or Peace Coffee for a delicious brew!


Send your fancy gift ideas to And don’t forget, cans for comments is running now through Dec. 8! Leave a comment to help someone in need. Live the fancy life today!



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6 responses to “fancy gift idea—monogrammed mugs

  1. Jana

    Mittens! I love Mittens there is this great Minnesota company that makes them it is called: “Mittens with a mission: Our mittens are carefully cut and assembled by the workers at our Winona ORC, a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities. Each mitten is made from wool & cotton fabric or yarn, which remains after the sweater parts are cut. Sweaters for your hands…only from Winona, Minnesota.”
    I just bought some for only $10 – they are cute and very very warm! I bought them at a green craft fair at Midtown Global Market.

  2. I just went into Anthropologie for the first time ever over Thanksgiving (in Austin, TX nonetheless) and I fell in love. What an amazing store! Too bad I can’t afford much in there 😦

    Regardless, these mugs are adorable, and would be a great gift!

  3. Katie B

    I am sipping coffee from mine as I write!!! It is by FAR my favorite mug and there is an up front spot in my cupboard reserved JUST FOR THIS MUG!!! And yes, Fancy Jes gave it to me!

  4. Marie D

    Love Anthropologie. In the most recent catalog, they have included some wonderful gift possibilities. My favorite- the fabric wrapped Penguin Classics like “Sense and Sensibility” for $20. I would collect each of them just for the beautiful fabric covers!

  5. Andrea A.

    I like this gift idea and am thinking it would be a great gift for some girlfriends that love coffee. Thanks!

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