make a difference and win!

I have extended the deadline for the live the fancy life contest! Tell me how you live the fancy life each day. I really want to hear from you, so I’ve added an incentive that will get us all in the holiday spirit of giving. And I’ve included a few holiday photos from my past.

Me as a child---already full of holiday cheer!

Write a comment or send me an e-mail explaining how you live fancy at by December 8. It can be very simple. Include your name and phone number.

I will pick my top five favorite submissions to put in a poll. Readers will vote and the winner will receive a $20 Patina gift card and will be featured on

Me with my brother---I was clearly in a festive mood!

And on top of this great chance to win, I am participating in the Cans for Comments campaign this year. That means for every comment you leave on any post starting today (including the comments telling me how you live the fancy life) or for every person who subscribes to this blog, I will donate one canned good to Second Harvest Heartland. I am one of many local bloggers doing this. I learned about this fancy idea from my friend Gina at Zeidler Photography. We can make a difference.

Here are the details (courtesy of Gina!):

  • Now through December 8, I’ll donate one canned good for each and every comment left on this blog and for every person who subscribes to this blog.
  • You can comment on any post (or even better, every post!). No limits! Tell your friends!
  • For every comment you leave, I’ll donate a canned good to Second Harvest Heartland.
  • If you have a blog and participate in the Cans for Comments drive, leave a comment here to share your blog with my readers!
  • My fellow bloggers I challenge you to to participate and share the love and joy. I know we can make a difference.

So, leave a comment on how you live the fancy life, subscribe to live the fancy life or comment on anything on my blog and I will donate a canned food. And I will post a photo of all of the items I donate for everyone to see. Live the fancy life!



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14 responses to “make a difference and win!

  1. Amy Olson

    As a college student, I’m often strapped for cash. There are so many stores with beautiful things in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that I just can’t afford! I live the fancy life by finder cheaper versions of the looks I love from boutiques and fashion magazines. Getting compliments is wonderful, but it’s even better to be able to tell someone what a great steal my purchase was! Looking good AND getting a great deal – that’s what makes me feel fancy!

    (My most recent purchase was a pair of purple studded booties that were one of the “last sizes” at the store – originally priced at a reasonable $30, but an absolute steal at $5.87!)

  2. AWESOME. WOOT for cans…

  3. Cassie

    yea! I have a very fancy five year old who adores Fancy Nancy, I read about being fancy with every bedtime story!

  4. Jana

    I live the fancy life by organizing fancy fun gatherings with my friends. Even if it is simple and easy, having fun times with friends is always fancy in my book.

  5. Cans for comments – what an awesome idea! I think I’ll steal it for my blog, if you don’t mind 😉

  6. I live the fancy life by doing what I love. Being a wife, a mommy, and a photographer fills my life up to extreme fanciness and I love it!

    And I love the canned goods donation idea, I might have to blog about this too!

  7. Having a midweek impromptu get together with my girlfriends at one of our houses is a perfect way to break up the week. It is a great way to catch up and release stress. I love that it is easy, casual, and comfortable! It’s all about the little details! It makes me feel FANCY.

    Apps (homemade or store bought), wine and/or champagne, and girlfriends are all it takes to set the scene for good convo, lots of laughs, and priceless fab time with genuine friends…and as an added BONUS, it doesn’t break the bank!

  8. Are we allowed to submit more than once?!?!?!?

    Online shopping and browsing fashion blogs after work and on the weekend with a glass of wine makes me feel FANCY!

    And now for my shameless plug…
    To get your fashion fix, check out My Inner Fashionlogue @

    Don’t be tardy for the par-tay.. yes, i just went there..i know it is PLAYED OUT but i luv it
    Saying it makes me feel FANCY!

  9. One more…Taking advantage of living downtown and trying new restaurants in the area. Walking the city makes me feel fancy. And catching movie mid-week or on the weekends at Block E. Block E is a bit of a hidden gem. It has stadium seating, $5 matinees, and many times we are the only ones in the theater.

  10. I have nothing new to add, but here’s another can 🙂

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  12. Erin

    Having a three year old terrorizing the house leaves little room for fancy things, but we’ve been teaching Kieran the art of setting the table: we have plenty of colors of plates and cups and he sets them up in prep for dinner every night. Sometimes he sets places for his favorite bears and stuffed animals, so we move to our big dining table. We light candles in the center and use all our servingware and make a fancy meal whenever we can!

  13. One of my favorite things that makes me feel fancy is going to Kinkades at taking advantage of the Happy Hour or Late night Happy hour specials. I get the mojitos for only $3 and half off all their amazing and super fancy apps. Like Brie and Lobster. YUM!

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